About us

ERBI systems - family business with history

Road to success

I ventured into the business of electric door locks in 1992 when I established BERA s.r.o. We have enriched the world of door locks with the most used door openings BeFo, self-locking door locks, cabinet locks but also with our company culture of decency.

We gained a wast know-how in manufacturing and constructing locks thanks to the enthusiasm of our employees. Concentrating on our customers and effective commercial strategies gained us the success we have today.

We became one of the leading door lock manufacturers.

Under the wings of a giant

BERA was incorporated in an international company for seventeen wonderful years.

From our connection to a world leader I expected innovation in production, utilisation of a wast business network and marketing support that would further strengthen our market success and create additional jobs in our region. However my expectations were not met. Managers lacking the needed knowledge of the field were interfering with things that worked well. A few years later the international company relocated its production and let go of all the previous employees. That strengthened my determination to establish my own company again and keep making quality locks.

That is how the family business ERBI systems s.r.o. was born.

Going our own way again 

We chose new strength materials, excellent design and state-of-the art technology. We acquired a test machine that checks the function and durability of locks up to a million openings and lockings.

Thanks to long term testing, especially in practice, we developed structurally refined and durable electric locks, which can replace current locks, or can be used in new door profiles.

We believe in the quality of our products which have up to a five year guarantee.

I know that the effort put into the development of ERBI systems s.r.o. was worth it.


Radomír Bednář
owner and executive officer of ERBI systems s. r. o.